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  • Calculator sells for $39.95

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Measure Master Pro Calculator

       Will your calculator:

         1) Convert from Imperial to Metric, Metric to Imperial from any linear measurement?

         2) Add, subtract, multiply and divide using mixed fractions or fractions and decimals?

         3) Figure circumference with only diameter measurement?

         4) Add cost plus in one step?

         5) Add up to 20 figures, recall for confirmation of correctness?

         6) Figure trim for Swags and trim for Jabots?

         7) Figure discounts with only % plus or minus (for blind sales)?

         8) Using repetitive transactions to figure shade ring placement?

     If your answers were no then try our version.

                               Our distributorship is working to prove that we need a workroom specific unit. To purchase this    unit please contact us. Your own unit should arrive in 2-3weeks. You will receive a standard set of instructions as well as a special set with workroom related problem solving, which we have done. Your purchase is appreciated.